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23rd-Nov-2005 01:10 pm(no subject)
Oh geez the last week has been way up, and way down..

My friend got the concert tickets I sent, and that cracked the ice between us again.. She was so thrilled. Thank God for the little things.

I brought my brother and friend some lunch today and my bro was pissed because it interfeered with his schedule.. shit, can't win.

There's a girl in my office that's pretty cute and sweet, and I think she likes me but she has a boyfriend.. and so bleah.

Her boyfriend started his job today and she was telling me he has a heart condition where he can't really exert himself, but at the same time, he feels bad because she pays all the bills. I kinda relate to that...

Anyway so she's friends with this old guy who has a few businesses and I told her just to ask him for an odd job for the guy.. and she said she tried but this old guy won't, simply on the basis that old dude is jealous. So "he doesn't trust her boyfriend".

That's messed up.

I bought a PSP.. I don't know if I'm impressed yet or not, but I was on the internet with it last night. That's cool.
3rd-Nov-2005 09:15 am(no subject)
I'm so sick of being alone that I search for contact in people that I know I shouldn't.
24th-Oct-2005 03:09 pm(no subject)
The same stuff is still going on in my house and there's nothing I can do about it..

My feelings are really hurt by this, I thought that my friends wouldn't put me through shit like this, but I was wrong.. so I spend a whole lot of time in my bedroom. It sucks when you can't even tolerate being in your own living room.

On to other news..

A girl I work with has a laptop, and poor thing's a piece of shit.. it just is and I can't get it working.. I tried.

She comes in today all excited, she bought a new laptop from a friend.. valued at $700~ for $100 because he needed the money. I was helping her look over it, and I was trying to see when it was built, so I flipped it over.

Then there's this big bright blue sticker

PROPERTY OF **** PUBLIC SCHOOLS with an inventory stamp.. I got her to call the school and the school's resident cop sent out another cop who took a report and took the laptop because it was exactly the one that was just stolen. The Police will re-imburse her the $100 but after they re-imburse the school for everything they've lost (bad security I guess... geez).. but she's kinda heartbroken but at least she's not going to jail... Her friend may be, but he apprently stole the computer, so he does deserve whatever comes from it.

She's not a good friend, really just an aquaintance but I think I'll give her her $100 so she's not out the money, and trust her to give it back when the police get her her check.. but I don't know how to do it without seeming to insult her but I feel at fault since I discovered it was stolen.. She was so excited and now.. she's sad because she lost that excited and the $100.
17th-Oct-2005 09:18 am(no subject)

My life hurts.

This person is still leaving in my house and I'm politely being told now, the only way she's not going to live in the house I live in is if I move out.


Plus, its not just her, its her and her kids, there's now 13 people in my house.

13... people.

I want to slam my head into the wall, or perhaps someone else's head... Yes, someone else's... All the satisfaction, none of the pain.
13th-Oct-2005 12:34 pm(no subject)
My life is on a downhill path..

My father figure has become just like my father.

I grew up witha father so when I say father figure, I mean someone who was everything my dad wasn't and didn't give a shit about trying to be.

Good relationships stretch so far.. and I can't really take much more of this..

In other news, a person I hate is living IN MY HOUSE, and unfortunately the ultimatum I'm getting is that I can kick them out but if I do, my brother can no longer spend any time outside the house because his wife is a hypocondriac bitch and my friend will be kicked out too.

In more other news, my brother ran into a girl that I used to have something going on with.. and he started telling me about her and its like reviving stuff I'd like to keep dead. That girl was a bitch.

Sorry about cussing so much.

Anyway.. so I live in The Bible Belt and its a "morally racist" area.. she got fired because she's pregnant by a black guy.. and he came to her workplace and they argued about whether it was his or not and he stormed out, saying it wasn't his. Her boss called her in and told her that "This sort of thing is not acceptable." and fired her.

I feel bad for her but she did some bad bad shit to me and then tried to tell me I was a great friend who changed her life and "believed in her when she didn't".

I hate me.

But you guys love me.
4th-Oct-2005 03:15 pm(no subject)
I couldn't resist, but I tried to..

I've been waiting silently for Karen to come back and start talking to me.. I still don't know why she stopped, I think its her asshole boyfriend.

But I couldn't wait any longer.

Retarded as it sounds, pray that she like, responds please?

I need her friendship.
21st-Sep-2005 12:58 pm(no subject)
I hate listening to people who have no work ethic talk about good work ethics, and people who have bad work ethics.

Then again, I'm posting to a personal journal and I'm past my lunch break.
16th-Sep-2005 09:09 am(no subject)
Judicial precedent, as you may or may not know, is when a current case is compared to a similar case or similar cases, where a decision was made. The more similar cases with the same decision, the stronger the answer.

The thing is that prcedent is a load of baloney. It is the duty of each judge to decide on the basis of law, however he or she sees fit. And with the number of laws we have, its an important duty to hold.

For instance, one article I'm reading right now mentions one judge citing ONE decision as precedent, yet when the case moved to a higher court (The Supreme Court, of all things), the opposite decision was made, and yet the first decision was considered precedent.

15th-Sep-2005 09:27 am(no subject)
I'm tired today.

I hate apologizing.

I snapped at someone first thing this morning, I'm not sure they did or did not deserve it, but I will apologize...later.

I hate apologizing, but I especially hate apologizing right after something, I feel like it looks like an escape. I like to wait and then apologize, when its mostly forgetten about, because then I'm bringing it back up, and so it seems as if the apology is more heartfelt.

I hate apologizing.

I'm tired today.
14th-Sep-2005 10:51 am(no subject)
I want to go home. My boss said I could, he says I look sick.

I want to play my new ps2 game but my conscience says stay here.

Stupid conscience.
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